Tyres & Battery Services

Tyres & Batteries are integral components to your vehicles. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable set of tyres, race tyres or maintenance free batteries, we have the perfect solution for you.

Ensuring that your vehicles are travelling straight and true is an important component to your vehicles’ integrity. LTM leverages on the Hofmann (USA) Geoliner 680XD, one of the most advanced wheel alignment systems on the market today, to ensure that the wheels on your vehicles are properly aligned.

The wheels are likely to be misaligned whenever works are carried out on your vehicles’ handling components such as the replacement of your Cambers, Toes or Suspensions and investing in the Wheel Alignment System has allowed LTM to provide you a holistic range of services when it comes to your handling needs. 

We also understand your needs to extract every bit of performance on the race track and with our vast experiences in races; we know the required Race Setting to take those corners in the fastest and safest manner possible. 

You can definitely entrust LTM with your alignment needs from daily driving all through to the race setups, we are definitely capable in supporting your Wheel Alignment needs

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