Engine Maintenance, Repairs & Overhaul

We have always believed that the best way to improve on our Technical Competencies when it comes to Engine Repairs and Upgrades is to build Engines that are required to excel under demanding conditions while remaining reliable. This is the main reason why we have decided to establish our Race Team through LTM Performance (our Performance Division) back in 2003; to put our work to the test under extreme conditions and to solve technical problems in real races.

Japanese Performance Vehicles have always played a crucial role in our participation in races and has definitely served as a foundational platform for us to expand our knowledge and improve our capabilities in diagnosing issues accurately in Asian Makes, which have long been favoured by consumers for its renowned reliability. 

Over the years, we have also witnessed the shift of preference towards European Makes with much improved driving experience through the use of technological enhancements. European Makes have always been associated with complex repair procedures due to the heavy use of sensors and recognizing the shift in consumer preference, LTM decided to increase our emphasis in this sector many years back and have since achieved great success.

Our technological knowhow in Engine Repairs is not only accumulated through over 5 decades of hands-on experience that have withstood generations of technological evolutions, but also more than a decade of technical expertise put to test under demanding conditions of the races that we have participated in. With these experiences serving as our technical foundation and also our wide network of parts suppliers, you can definitely trust us with your vehicles whether it is a normal Engine Servicing or complete Engine Rebuild!

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