Electronic & Diagnostics Programming

LTM is well equipped with a wide range of Diagnostics & Programming tools catered to modern vehicles that are heavily driven by Electrical Sensors & Technology. We understand the frustration when the engine check light comes on that could stem from a number of issues ranging from a loose gas cap to more serious issues such as damaged sensors. These advanced diagnostic tools, fused together with our technical expertise, help us to more accurately diagnose the issues and recommend possible solutions to our clients.

The heavy reliance of sensors and technology by manufacturers today also meant that cars are getting “smarter” to make necessary adaptations to improve your driving experience. On the flip side, it also translates to the need of an avenue to communicate with your vehicle’s computer whenever there is replacement of parts, such as new batteries or sensors. This avenue of communication, through the use of our diagnostics & programming tools, could also be used to make electrical adjustments to improve the drive.

With the technical knowledge and equipment to handle technologically advanced cars, you could entrust LTM to provide the right solutions for the Electronic & Diagnostics Programming of your vehicles!

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