Body Works Repairs

At LTM, we have a team of technically competent Mechanics responsible for restoring your vehicle to showroom condition. Having our own in-house Painters working hand-in-hand with our Body Works Repair Team, any faults detected prior to Spray Painting in the repair process could be rectified immediately and this facilitates our pursuit for perfection in the restoration.

Our expertise in other aspects of vehicle repairs also ensures that Engine Components and sensitive Electrical Wirings will be handled correctly to prevent damages that may cascade during the repair process.  LTM also has a wide network of Original Parts Suppliers that can be readily relied on for us to replace body panels on your vehicles with brand new Original Parts.

The experiences accumulated through races by our Performance Division, LTM Performance, also provided us with the expertise required for chassis works such as Spot Welding and Chassis Alignment, to maximize the capabilities of your performance vehicles.

When it comes to Body Works, there is no job too small or big for us!

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