Auto Transmisson Repairs & Overhaul

Having been in the Automotive Industry for over 5 decades and having witnessed generations of Technological Shifts, LTM recognizes the importance of constantly upgrading our Technological knowhow in the Auto Transmission aspect in order to continue providing our clients with a wide range of Auto Transmission Services in-house, as part of our quest to be a comprehensive one stop workshop.

We have equipped ourselves with Tool Sets that are specially catered to Transmission Building for many different makes & models. This not only allow the repairs to be executed in the right way with proper tools, we also constantly receive Technological Updates from the Toolset Manufacturers, to seamlessly keep abreast with technological developments within the Industry. Carrying out the services in-house also lowers the cost to consumers and also allows LTM to provide our clients with holistic solutions to other issues that may be attributed by the Transmission Problems.   

Some of the Automotive Transmission Services we provide include:

  • Maintenance of Transmission.
  • Solutions for Mechanical and Electrical (Sensors) Issues.
  • Diagnostic Readings for Sensors Issues.
  • Rectifying Oil Leaks associated with Transmission.
  • Replacement of Brand New or Reconditioned Transmission for all models.
  • Rebuild and Overhaul of Transmission.

Whether it is Asian Cars that are more mechanically driven or Continental Cars that are electronically inclined, LTM has the answers to your Transmission problems.

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