Aircon Services & Repairs

LTM understands that Air Conditioning in our climate is not a luxury but a necessity. Recognizing the importance of this, we have long equipped ourselves with the Technical Expertise and Equipment to execute a comprehensive range of Aircon Services & Repairs.

As modern day vehicles are heavily equipped with sensitive electronics and accessing Air Conditioning Components may require the disassembly of many electrical and mechanical components, you can trust that your vehicle is handled with the most technically competent crew here at LTM.

The range of Aircon Services & Repairs we provide include:

  • Topping up Air-con Gas
  • Air-con Servicing
  • Vacuuming of old Air-con Gas
  • Compressor Repair & Replacement
  • Cooling Coil Repair & Replacement
  • Condenser Repair & Replacement
  • Replacement of Original or Charcoal Air-con Filters
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